Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I thought I was so laid back about this surgery until I had to sign all the warnings, disclaimers and “possible risk of death” papers today.  Granted, this is small potatoes when you’ve been through an open heart surgery, but never fun to hand your baby over to surgeons.  

I hadn’t prepared myself for the obvious fact that she will have to be on a vent. If all goes well, they will only have to Ambu bag her and wont use the tube unless there is a problem.  Also, I was told today that they will put her under anesthesia after they have taken her away from us….Evie has a very sour disposition to anyone who comes at her in scrubs (for valid reasons) and will probably go kicking and screaming when they wisk her away.  (…and I might have a little melt-down myself!)

Bronchoscopy, insertion of PH probe, UT Catheterization and probing of her blocked duct should take 30mins to an hour.  

I will update from the hospital tomorrow night.  Please keep the following in prayer:

-that she will handle an empty tummy from midnight until her surgery
-that perhaps she will be asleep in the morning when we have to hand her off
-that breathing function will be excellent and lungs will be clear during surgery
-that she’ll tolerate the probe in her nose overnight
-for answers!!

Thank you praying friends and burden-bearers!  

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