To Match or Not to Match?

Monday, May 24, 2010
Many argue that it stifles individuality.

There is a 14 year spread between my three sisters and I. I have vivid memories of all being dressed in matching Laura Ashley dresses…….waaaaay into the years that it was not cool to have sailor collars and three identical sisters trailing behind me.
I cant complain though. I endured the style for a season and then moved on. For my youngest sister, that meant that after growing up with all the hand-me-downs of three older sisters, she essentially got to wear the same dress for 14 years!

Fast forward 15 years. The collars aren’t quite as big and lacy, but I find myself on the other side of the fence. Now Im the one that cant resist coordinating dresses for my girls. And to my delight, they love to dress alike! Abi is my little fashionista and is usually the one choosing her younger sisters clothing to match whatever she’s decided to wear that day. I know I probably only have another year or two until she decides she wants her own look, and that will be ok. But until that day comes, I love that my “Little Women” love to be little ladies together!

My sisters and I dont dress to match anymore.
Well……not on purpose anyway.
I did just buy a top at Charlotte Russe that my sister Katherine already owns.
And she has threatened me with what she’ll do if I show up at a family gathering wearing it.

  • Donna says:

    You and your sisters are a gorgeous bunch…so it’s no wonder that your girls are too!! Matching clothes is so much fun…my mom liked to do that with my sisters and me too. Your children look just darling!!!

  • tricityty says:

    WOW! Beautiful pictures! Everyone is so beautiful! thank you for sharing your story! It was cute! My sisters and I are 10 and 11 years apart and we never dressed alike. And I only have one daughter now! Have fun!

  • Derek says:

    Oh look, 4 pretty little blond girls all dressed the same with the same high pitch “Hold me!” Who couldn’t tell that apart? Killin’ me smalls.

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