Thirty One Gifts $25 Gift Certificate (CLOSED)

Monday, April 7, 2014



Thirty-One Gifts $25 Gift Certificate Up for Grabs!!


We have some super fun things to share with you this week in celebration of our “move”.  In addition to a web “makeover”, we’ve also had a little corner of our home “madeover”.

My desk nook was in dire need of some “sprucing up”.  My friend Tammy of Thirty-One Gifts took it upon herself to dress up the space with some organization and asthetically pleasing additions.  I LOVE the end result!  This is my nook….and altho my scissors constantly go missing, the kids know this desk space is “Mommy space”.  Here I put together my photo orders, do my editing and correspondence and occasionally, whip out a sewing machine for a project.

A Your Way Rectangle and a Fold N’ File on the shelves keep my gift bags and folders handy.


The multi-compartment Keep It Caddy on my desk contains note cards, gift cards, and writing utensils and scissors….(when I can find them:)


I have found the Hang Up Home organizer to be infinitely useful in keeping paperwork from growing into insurmountable piles on my desk!  And you all who know me know what a sucker I am for monograms!  Score!!


The Mini Utility Bin and Littles Carry All de-clutter my space by containing my flash-drives, discs and other photography supplies.




and After….


Id say its a drastic improvement:)!!

So, I need someone to take a $25 gift certificate to Thirty One gifts off of my hands!  To be entered:

  1. Please request joining Tammy’s facebook page first.
  2. Leave a comment below with why you should win the giveaway and what you would use the gift certificate for.  Tammy will be selecting a winner from the comments!

  • Kathy Johnson says:

    I could really use this gift certificate. I’m in the middle of nursing school and a great organizational bag to help me keep all my gear straight would be great. Not to mention nursing school is kicking my butt and I could REALLY use a pick me up.

  • Jessica Friedel says:

    I would love to win so I can organize my 6 year old’s room.

  • Kelly Cadenhead says:

    Joined group and would love to win the gift cert. to help keep my sewing room organized. Or maybe just make my shoulder look better by adding a 31 purse to it.

  • Crystal Sutherland says:

    YES!!! I would love to win a gift certificate from 31!!! I LOVE their products and my little work nook could use some help as well!!

  • Jessica says:

    So I’m a busy momma of now three and I love organization! Yet with working full time and helping my hubby with his coffee business, things get crazy. I LOVE what you did with Mandy’s space and a awesome change! Great work. I NEED something to bring more peace (and beauty) to my life as well!!!!

  • Rachel C says:

    Well Im not on Facebook, but if I were still eligible for this giveaway I would love to get a tote bag to take to the kids’ swimming lessons!

  • lona says:

    I would love to win because I would help organize MYSELF! I have finally landed my dream job as a childcare director. I am at a lower income school so the finds are not always there. Being responsible for 70 families creates a good amount of clutter! Would love to get my office looking like yours!

  • Keisha H says:

    I have a sewing table tucked in the corner of the dining room. It would be WONDERFUL to make that space pretty and organized, especially since I’m sewing a ton these days!

  • barbi says:

    Would love to win so I can organize my 3 year olds toys in our living room.

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