The Great Pumpkin

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Happy Fall Y’all.
Admittedly, this is not my favorite season.  Im still wearing flip-flops and hanging onto the last shread of summer.  I don’t usually decorate for Halloween.  Not a fan of the holiday in general, plus, I don’t like orange and cooling tems just aren’t my forte.  This week I completed my most dreaded annual tradition…unpacking the winter clothes from the attic and putting away sundresses and tank tops until April.
But, we’ve been busy making lemonade out of the lemons and Im working on my attitude about this season that comes around yearly whether I like it or not🙂


Thank you Pinterest for a little tablescape inspiration.  A fun use for those of you who still have dried beans and peas stashed away from Y2K🙂

I was optimistic a while back and purchased a SAMS sized bag of dried pinto beans.  That’s a lotta beans y’all!  Even for this hungry brood.  We’ve hardly made a dent! I loved the way this all looked, except that it just begs little fingers to “stir” it.  The layers are becoming a little more blended as time goes by🙂
Evie and I spent an unseasonably warm morning on the porch carving a pumpkin today.  This girly-girl sure isn’t afraid to get those hands dirty.
Such concentration!!
But this wasn’t just any pumpkin we were carving…..
Poor Gigi…with this camera-crazy mommy, she’s going to find herself landed in all kinds of predicaments.
I think Im stuck….can someone tell me how to get outta here?
 Im (less than fondly) remembering last year at this time.  I was so violently ill from the early pregnancy hormones.  We hadnt told anyone yet, but Im sure suspicion arose among my closest friends.  You can only come up with so many excuses for why you are backing out of all your normal activities and fainting all the time.  The first person I told was Evie’s speech therapist when she showed up at 10:00 one morning to work with Evie and I was still in bed. 
Sick, sick, sick, sick, s-i-c-k!!  
I blurted out the truth to her….absolutely at a loss for any other explanation for being curled up in bed on a school morning:)
Those awful moments when waves of nausea overcame me, I couldnt imagine what had possessed me sign up for pregnancy again.  
Fast forward 12 months…..this just makes it all worthwhile! 

Absolutely in love with this little Punkin!

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