Thursday, November 27, 2008

We met with Pulmonology in Charleston today.  Aside from it being the busiest travel day of the year and a nightmare to be on the road, it was a good visit!  

We spent nearly three hours at the hospital and feel that Evie’s case was reviewed in detail.  Doctors concur that when Evie gets sick, her symptoms indicate Pulmonary Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure.  The good news is that when she’s well, she is a beautiful, happy, thriving baby!  The plan as of today is to carry on and continue meds.  We will not introduce Viagra at this time.  Routine ECHO’s will give us indication if her pressures are continuing to rise, but the hope is that this too, time will heal!  We were urged to keep her away from crowds and healthy through the winter months as even a common cold sends her spiraling down.  She is plumping up (her pediatrician commented on her cute dimpled thighs this week:-) and the hope is that weight gain and growth will accommodate healing!  Time will tell.

We had the sacred privilege of getting to deliver some Annabelle Baskets to PCICU while we were at the hospital.  (See Angel Annabelle on sidebar – this is a precious girl and ministry that is very dear to my heart!)  My friend Rebecca began this ministry to heart-babies and allowed me to deliver a dozen baskets that she assembled to celebrate babies in ICU over the holidays.

Turning in tonight very thankful.  
Full of thanks!
God has been gracious again and we know will continue to see us through any rough waters ahead.  For today, we praise the Master Physician for His continued hand upon her life.  


  • Kelly says:

    Thanking the Lord with you!

  • I am glad the visit went well. I had been thinking of you all. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are still in Texas visiting with family and will be home this weekend- i need to get caught up on my blog!!!
    I am so glad too that you got to deliver Annabelle baskets – I love that little girl dearly – and never met her….

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