Team Evie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today was a first.  We’ve attempted other heart walks, but Evie has always been too sick to participate.  Grandpa, Aunt Rebecca and our dear neighbor Art accompanied us to the American Heart Association Midlands Heart Walk early this morning.  Amazing to see such a sea of faces knowing that all have been touched personally by heart issues.  A great time to honor survivors, remember those who have passed and see so many families with similar stories.  We’re so proud of our little fighter!

The kids had a blast at the “kiddie tent” with balloons and clowns and Abi is quite proud of her little hula-hoop medal:-)

Evie cries when anyone comes at her in scrubs.  Miss Helen is the only exception.  She is a remarkable nurse at our Cardiology office and just Evie adores her (as do I!!)

Evie’s proud siblings decorated signs with hearts and stickers

An estimated 5,000 participated in this years walk

When little legs got tired, they hitched a ride.  (Three miles is a hefty stroll for little ones!) Poor Aunt Becca!

The Lord is my strength and my shield
My heart trusts in Him and I am helped
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song!
Psalm 28:7

  • So sweet! I LOVE the picture of Evie holding her picture from when she was born! Wow! Shes come a long way baby!

    I hope you don’t mind, I put your blog on my blog roll. Evie is a cutie!

  • Donna says:

    …reminds me of our “Relay for Life”. You can tell that your kids have such a good attitude of participation…just looks like good mothering and a wonderful family!!

  • What great pictures…I love Evie looking at the baby picture of her in the hospital.
    You all are still on my mind and I want to try and get together soon – things have been so hectic all around up my way….

  • Heidi Ann says:

    Wish I was there to sport a “team Evie” shirt! You and Evie look like movie stars! What a fun day!

  • Jess says:

    Sorry we didn’t make it. Lorelei still had an upset belly and we were up all night! The next few weeks are kinda hectic for us as we are having her party (Did you get the invite??) then Easter then we are going to NY to visit family. I hope we can get together soon! Maybe you will be able to come to the party. If you need directions let me know! Glad to see you had a great time!
    Love, Jess

  • Faith M. says:

    I love the pictures of the heart walk. Ours will be on May 2nd and I am looking forward to it. Last year was the first year we participated. I love the posters. What a great idea! I am taking a wagon for the kids to ride in instead of a stroller so maybe we’ll decorate it! I’m glad you had a great day.

  • katherine says:

    awh what a sweet pictures, and whata precious time to spend with otheres in the same boat. remember goign to one with abby, and it means a lot to be around families who really get what you have/are going through.

  • Laura says:

    Evie is a miracle. She is so sweet. It looks like the heart walk was a lot of fun for the entire family. We think of you often.


  • That great! It really us up to us mom’s to make a difference. It looks like your weather has been similar to ours. I am ready for the sun that we so much love here in the south. Where is it???

  • monart says:

    Thankyou for you post on my Blog. YOUR STORY, is sooo sweet, I fills my Heart with Joy, and Hope. See the update today on Elijah on my Blog, it to is an answer from Jesus. Thankyou for your prayers, don’t stop praying. I will keep your family in my prayers and come back to your Blog for more Lovely stories. Much Love Mona

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