Sweet Tooth

Sunday, October 20, 2013
This is the post in which I do not earn any “brownie points” for being a holistic, tree-hugging, cloth-diapering, au naturel, vaccine-delaying, health-fanatic, nutritious, granola good mom.

Brownies. Maybe.
Brownie points. No.

You see.  I have a confession….

Its a tradition.
Every week.

We take our “day of rest” seriously  And this means I don’t, on this day, spend my afternoon in the un-airconditioned kitchen cooking up a fancy, healthy, well rounded meal.

I take a nap.
Gigi, Evie and I.
Every Sunday.  We pull the blinds.  We each have our own “nap blankets” and we get a glorious 2 hours of sleep snuggled together in our King-sized bed.
Its a tradition.
One of my favorites!

So when dinner time rolls around and hungry bellies beg to be fed, I do what every loving mother does.  I feed my kids.
But not what you feed your kids for dinner.
We pull out tubs of ice-cream, whip up some whipped-cream, and layer on the chocolate syrup and sprinkle toppings.
Its Ice-Cream Sundae Sunday!

Technically, its “banana splits”, because in my mind, I can justify that.
Bananas = fruit
peanuts = protein
ice cream = dairy
Basically, we have sufficiently covered all the main food groups 🙂

And in case you are wondering, no.  Its not dessert after dinner.  It is dinner!
We dont eat dessert every night.  But on Sunday nights, I am a super cool mom and we get one major dose of high-fructose corn syrup and red dye # 5.

Ive had more than one mom raise their eyebrow at my negligent parenting.
Im unapologetic.  Its a memory.  And it makes me feel not so bad for saying “no” to dessert other nights:)  It wont be too much longer that my growing boy will let me get away with no “meat and potatoes” for dinner, but for now, there are no complaints at least one night a week at dinnertime!

So consider yourself warned.
Bring your kids around on a Sunday evening for a visit and this is the nutritious main course your children will be invited to partake with us……

not about to share her strawberry syrup!

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And c’mon!  You know you want to too!
Go celebrate Sundae Sunday!!

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