Sweet Abby

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Heaven has another little Angel.  Around 9:00 today (8/17) sweet Abby left her broken body behind and went HOME….no more tears, or pain.  
Our hearts hurt.  This little smile and fighting spirit has touched all who know her!
You can stop by their carepage and leave a message if you feel prompted to do so:
I was really blessed to be asked to be a guest blogger for Danielle today.  She asked a few women to share what it is that God is teaching them through life and His Word.  
I tried to write about something else.  I didnt want to write about this.  But what God kept bringing me back to was a highly sensitive topic that is weighing heavily upon me….especially today.  I realize that writing it was much more for MY benefit than for the readers.
You see…my “who is God in the midst of pain” question is being tested anew today. I got a phone call from my sister late last night that Abby is in her last hours in her broken body here on earth.  
Sweet Flower Girl Abby in Katherines Wedding last month
Abby, the precious seven-year-old that Katherine nanny’s for.  She has bravely battled cancer for 5 years.
Soon she will be free of tears and pain and chemo and medicine.  
But, those of us here who know and love here will be left with a huge hole in our hearts on this side of eternity!
Holding onto His promises.  Trusting His heart.  Knowing he collects our tears and has not forgotten!
Please pray for Abby’s hurting family!
Picture taken 5 days ago.  Her mom says this was the last time Abby smiled.  She loves Baby Gigi

  • Donna says:

    That hurt my heart, Mandy. Will certainly pray for this family. I cannot imagine going through this. And the reason she doesn’t smile anymore is because she is just too weak. That was one of the saddest part of losing my mother. She, who smiled ALL the time, quit about 2 weeks before going to Heaven. I asked her why one day and she said it was just too hard and tiresome to try. I’m sure Abby is smiling INside as she heads UP!!

  • Astrid says:

    Oh Mandy, Thank you for sharing. I am crying tears over here. I think every Mother’s worst fear is losing one of her children, and especially to something as horrible as cancer. My heart aches for you, your sister, and Abby’s family. What a wonderful picture of her with Gigi! I can imagine what joy your little bundle must have given her. Jesus definately has a way of using little ones in times of heartache. Praying for you all, Mandy. Praise the Lord that she is with Jesus! Its our greatest comfort.

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