Southern Blizzard

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Missouri friend Faith laughed when I told her we were having a blizzard. You see, a southern snow storm means they cancel schools and clear the shelves at Publix before the first snowflake even falls. We’re thoroughly enjoying day two with the munchkins home from school. We’re drinking hot chocolate, making snow cream, and administering breathing treatments and antibiotics around the clock for bronchitis, pneumonia and a stomach bug….(yes, I realize snow play probably isnt the best thing for either, but when you get snow once a year, you take it and hope for the best!)

Sweet Grandma “Patti-Cake” took the two healthy kiddos to her house
(which is why I have no snow pictures of Tristan or Britain).
Only in the south do we use our lake-flotation-devices for sledding and beach buckets for building “snow castles”.
Abi lasted 10 minutes outside before complaining of frozen fingers…
Evie lasted 15 and then fell on the ice and was OVER this snow thing…

(We couldnt find matching gloves…that’s shows how often we actually have to use these things!)

Izzy is the snow bunny in the family and would still be out there if I’d let her.

Here’s a shout out to Derek….How Miss Priss can be in the middle of a winter-white-wonderland and STILL have dirt on her face is beyond me! This child attracts dirt like none other!

Stocked up on movies, comfort food and clean socks. Enjoying this unexpected stay-cation with my little ones!

  • Raymond says:

    Izzy’s got curls! Isn’t that your hat? These pictures are totally fun. Evie poses and doesn’t even know it… Abi is ready for the runway, and Izzy….she’s just so stinkin’ cute! She looks so sophisticated with her perfect curls and hat. Is Abi on a mission to build another snowman? Enjoy your roaring fire. (grin)

  • Rebecca says:

    Raymond’s comments….ditto!!!

    Aren’t y’all getting the least bit stir crazy yet though??? We went for a short drive just for a change of scenery. Scott’s truck, of course! 🙂

  • How fun! We’ve been enjoying the snow, but D isn’t super fond of it yet. He hasn’t been able to walk outside!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay-cation and I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

  • Donna says:

    Snow is just so much fun for children! I remember fondly the snow days that I was home from work and we all just slept in, ate a big breakfast, went sledding, made a fire and watched movies…so sweet!! Have fun!!!

  • Crystal... says:

    Love it… and it totally cracks me up that everything is shut down for you guys.. hehehe.. Guess that means I have been in Colorado for to long… Glad you got to experience the beauty of a winter wonderland!!!

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