"Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
…Thats what little boys are made of.”
This boy.
This boy puts up with a lot of pink.
He endures a constant chorus of giggles.
He has to weed the Poly-pockets out of his legos.
And listens to drama….a lot of it!
But he is all boy!
He’s the resident cochroach killer.
(You should have heard the squeals this morning when he was at camp and there was no big brother to slay the beast)!!
He is Evies biggest advocate.  Abi’s best friend.  Britains partner-in-crime.  Izzy’s defender.  And of all the siblings, he asks to hold Gigi the most.  Such a tender heart, but all boy!
 Its been great to have a boy cousin visiting.  Someone to spend long lazy summer afternoon hours fishing for lake trout with.  Someone to dig for worms with….or in their case, baby snakes!
I love this boy.  This balance-bringer to our family.  We tell him often…and its true,
Tristan, you’re our favorite son!”
Im your only son” he laughs.
“True.  But you’re super special kiddo!”

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