Sea Foam and Summer Storms

Sunday, June 29, 2014

With all the beautiful babies and photogenic families Im blessed to work with, these 5 continue to be the favorite focus of my lens.  (….my 6th runs from the camera or is moving too fast to get an in-focus shot:)

We were asked to do another photoshoot for Dayspring Dresses.  I treasure the sweet relationship that has come out of this partnership with this lovely children’s boutique.  Kelly has become precious to me and my girls get all excited when the measuring tape comes out to size up for another sister set.  And when did this happen….how has Abi almost outgrown her sizes?  When did toddlers and tykes turn into teens?

This was actually one of the more challenging shoots Ive done recently (not to mention the fact that Gigi’s nap was interrupted and she was in rare form that day:)

Its monsoon season in Thailand and the beach especially had some crazy storms going on when I tried to do this shoot a couple weeks back.  We gave up holding out for a sunny day and decided to go with the “windblown” look and all the sea foam glory!  Trouble was the salty sea mist that was blowing in our face…..and fogging up the lens.  Foggy lens = grainy images….and a frustrated photographer.  But, how bad can pictures be at the beach, right?  Here are a few of my favorites!















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