Same Song, Second Verse

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is this beginning to sound repetitive to anyone else?

Evie has again been the object of concern the last few days.  

Day 4 with the stomach flu, vomiting, diarrhea, the whole nine yards, I became worried she was dehydrated.  She was listless, cuddly and overall miserable.  Passivity in general is contradictory to Evie’s nature…she is a fighter.  
She always has been.  
I remember commenting last year at the end of pregnancy that she was my most active baby as she did cartwheels inside of me.  She even outmatched the twins whom I remember having knock-down drag-out in utero, jockeying for “firstborn” position.  No, Evie is by far my toughest which is how she’s survived and endured all that she has.

The last two days, Evie’s lethargy worried me.  She was refusing to eat, couldn’t keep feeds down and wasn’t having sufficient diapers.  She almost fell asleep as her Pediatrician examined her yesterday.  Typically Evie would be teething on the stethoscope.  She had lost a couple of ounces that we have worked so hard to gain.

The doctor felt she was a bit dehydrated but that the risk of exposure to further infections in the hospital did not outweigh the benefit of having her on IV fluids.  We were sent to a clinic for a blood work-up and urinalysis.  Because of dehydration, getting a veinous line in was especially difficult and it took several sticks.  Poor girl!  We’ve been pushing fluids, Pedialyte and formula drop-by-drop through a syringe trying to increase her intake.

This morning I feel like we’re getting our girl back.  She tires easily, but has been more playful.  She only woke up once throwing up last night, so hopefully we’ve turned a corner.  What a trooper!

  • Oh I hope Evie feels better soon!!! The stomach bug went thru our house a few weeks back…I didn’t get it and neither did Lauren – thankfully. Avery only had it a little… Poor old dad is who had it for about 5 days – full blown! My parents had it really bad too so I know it was awful.

    This picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! Again, prayers that Evie feels better soon!!!

  • Oh dear one!!! Praying for you………We got a call from Chad this evening….hopefully we will get to see him on Thursday night…..Feels silly asking….Is there anything we can send you or do for you from here!??? We love you guys and are praying for your precious little one!

  • C~ says:

    Lifting you up, dear sweet friend. Thank you, thank you for taking your precious time to keep us all in the loop. It is time well spent – more hands lifted to the Father! Much love and encouraging hugs.

  • JShaffer says:

    Oh Mandy!! I am so sorry! I should have checked in on you sooner! You are all in our prayers, especially as you face all this without Chad this week. Please please let em know if I can come by to help, I’d love to. I’ll call soon. Love you! What a beautiful picture of Evie.


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