Rockin’ the Curls

Thursday, April 8, 2010
Aahh…..the golden sound of silence.
All is right with the world.
You inhale.
You exhale.
Your mind begins to actually function and form a completed thought.
And then it dawns on you. There must be a reason that its quite. And it probably means trouble!
In Isabelle’s case, I was right. But just too late to do anything to stop her.
She’s become fascinated with having Mommy comb mousse through her hair on Saturday nights and sleeping in those pink sponge rollers. She’s all about Fancy Nancy and hairstyle is her new intrigue. On this particular disturbingly quite afternoon, I found her hiding in a closet squirting foam into her hand and slicking it through her lovely locks. What she failed to realize was that her product selection was not Tresemme curl enhancing formula, but rather, mens shaving cream.

Is this the look of guilt or what?

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