Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My sweet hubby knew just what I needed after “single parenting” for three weeks with him out of the country.  He booked me a hotel and sent my sister and I away for an overnight in my favorite US city – Charleston!  We thoroughly enjoyed a decadently indulgent girl getaway…window-shopping on Kings street…walking the historic district at sunset…talking into the wee hours of the morning and catching some rays on Folly Beach.

 Probably the 5th time in the past 7 years that Ive slept past 8:00…an absolute luxury!  Sister time is the best!

Ive swooned over this house for years.  

It backs up to the Battery Park and overlooks the Bay.  This was the first time Ive passed it all lit up at night.  Well….one can dream, right?

And the icing on the cake…Ive heard numerous girlfriends complain that a night out is often not worth the ramifications of returning to the house in disarray and unkept children.  Not my man!  The house was in better shape than Id left it.  Cleaned top to bottom and kids bathed and in bed when we returned the next evening.  Hows that ladies?!

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