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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Im pretty sure that rule # 1 rule of motherhood is never, never make promises you dont intend to keep!

When we returned home from Ukraine in 2008, I was “great with child” and certain that it was a boy! Tristan desperately wanted a little brother and I mean really….what are the chances? With three girls in a row, I thought my odds were pretty good that this baby I carried would be another one for the blue team.
So I made Tristan a promise. I told him if it was not a baby brother for him, then he could get a dog.
Really. What was I thinking?
When our precious Evie made her debut, Chad’s first thought was “4 girls! She’s going to have to pay for her own wedding!”
My first thought was an elated “oh she’s so beautiful”
….but soon thereafter, “oh crap! Now we have to get a dog!”

We all know that the year following Evie’s birth was not exactly conducive to taking on a pet, so I stalled as long as I could. But coming up on Evie’s second birthday, life is looking pretty calm and Ive run out of excuses.
My husband is in town for an entire month.
We only have one baby still in diapers.
Life is a breeze….we need a little more excitement, dont you think?
Meet Lady. A cocker spaniel that we adopted in Ukraine 6 years ago. (It was a moment of weakness.:) Soon thereafter, we pawned her off on Chad’s parents who have graciously given her a home for several years. (I discovered potty-training a puppy and twins while living in an tiny apartment in a frozen city with a traveling husband was more than I could handle at the time). Lady has been staying with us this week and I think might extend her visit.

Aside from the drinking out of the toilet she’s pretty sweet. She sleeps on top of Tristan and is Evie’s constant companion.
The moral of the story…dont make promises you dont intend to keep. Let that be a lesson to you, but……………
…….she is pretty adorable – dont you think?

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