Princess Of The Porcelain Throne

Monday, August 3, 2009

We’re in potty-training mode these days. Yes, I know its shameful that my child is three and Ive just now started. She has been ready for months.

I have not.

Ive been holding out, hopeful that our crazy transient life will stabilize enough that I know can be consistent in training her.

Ive given up on that ever happening.

Waiting for stability is clearly a lost cause. Im thinking it may be frowned upon for her to enter kindergarten still in Pampers, so, come what may, we’re ditching diapers.

Bound and determined to make this fun, I purchased a sparkly pink crown (incentive…to be worn only when sitting on her throne), a bundle of Disney princess panties and a bonus size bag of M&M’s. (Because, of course, I get rewarded with chocolate when she goes too!)

She’s a smart one that girl. Since she gets chocolate whenever she goes “stinky” she’s figured out how to capitalize on that idea. The child will produce a tiny bit every 15 minutes, thus being rewarded with chocolate 12 times a day rather than just once.

She picks out which princess she wants to wear (and proudly pulls up her skirt to show any and everyone that she is donning Cinderella today). Every day we have the same diologue:

“Isabelle, isn’t it nice to have panties instead of a diaper? Jasmine doesn’t want to get wet. Keep her dry.”

She outsmarted me today when we went through the routine with Arielle

“But Mommy” she retorted. “Little Mermaid like da water”

……hmmmmmm….she got me there!

Look at these lovely little fairies I found dancing in my garden today…

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