Postcard from Paradise (and picture overload)

Monday, April 28, 2014

You know those postcards with white sandy beaches and clear blue water and hammocks swaying in the breeze under palm trees?  ….it really does exist!


For our State-side friends, it will only require 24 hours of air travel and then a 12 hour car ride.  But let me tell ya, its worth it!  This may very well have been our best spring break ever.  I took 3 photoshoots I needed to edit, doula recertification packet I planned to complete and several projects I intended to work on……and promptly turned my computer and phone off upon arrival.  So glad I did!  A much needed break for us all and chance to reconnect as a family after a pretty rigorous season of travel for C and a “fractured family”!


We bummed on the beach for hours.  Bodysurfed the lovely full-moon high-tide.  Built sandcastles.  Soaked up sun by the pool.  Stayed up late.  Took naps.  Ate junk.  Played hard and slept even harder.  A wonderful time enjoying being together.  So blessed to be able to join C’s parents and his sister who came from Shanghai to visit as well.


Girls love their Chinese jammies from Grandma!

Having little towel friends waiting on our beds and tables everyday from the housekeeping service was one of Gigi’s favorite things!



California surfer dude…teaching them to love the sea




Tristan loved the pool too…..the pool table that is.  He spent hours at the hotel activity pavilion refining his skills.

And has been gloating relentlessly that he beat me!





We spent Easter Sunday with all 10 of us packed in a van driving back to Bangkok….sweltering temps upon return.  Laughing as we look at friends and families Easter pics breaking out the sundress with cardigans for the first Sunday of spring.  Im pretty sure I can never again live anywhere with seasons.  Even with 100% humidity, I am loving year-round summer!!  Happy spring y’all!

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