Plungers and Pancakes

Thursday, October 9, 2008

“Mommy, you’d better come quick”! Britain tugged on my pant leg.

The phrase that brings a sense of dread to every mom.
Its a well known fact in our family that the downstairs toilet…… do I put this delicately?…..doesn’t flush adequately sometimes. Britain led me to the bathroom doorway where I stood aghast watching “poo water” sloshing over the rim onto the tile floor.
“Britain, how many times did you flush it?”
Where do I begin….how do I make it stop?? I cuffed my pants to wade through it.
“No Britain, you didn’t flush it once. How many times did you flush it?”
“JUST ONE TIME, and another time and another time and…”
“Ok Brit, I get it!”
Two loads of laundry and half a bottle of bleach later, Britain sidled up to me with a sparkle of anticipation in her eye.
“Mommy, when I’m big like you, can I use the plunger too?”
“Sure babe!”
My life is so glamorous in the eyes of my four-year-old. Recently, C asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wants to be a mommy.
“…so I can make pancakes all the time like mommy does.”

I love my job. I do! There are many days that I worry that my kids observe me grumbling about cheerios on the floor or complaining about polly-pockets that have migrated into my tupperware drawer. Truth be told, there are days I cant wait till 8:00 and the sweet silence that comes with bedtime. But then I usually stand over their sleeping bodies and cant wait for them to wake up and to spend another day together.

Im so glad that Britain envies my life and knows I love being a mom. Someday perhaps, she too will take her place as Princess of Plungers and Pancakes.

Lady in Waiting…Brit potty-training a few years back. The Princess on her porcelain throne

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