Place of Refuge

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This home was established out of a need to provide a safe place for orphans and children suffering neglect and abuse.  This is not government supported, but is the church acknowledging the needs around them and providing care, school, medical, food and clothing for these children.  Saturation Church Planting emphasizes the importance of the church taking responsibility for the social needs around them.  Here are stories of lives that have been effected by the ministry of Place of Refuge.


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Last year, Myuri who is 15 (on right) began being pressured sexually by her boyfriend.  When she refused him, he persisted saying that “we will get married soon so it doesn’t matter”.  When she continued to resist his advances, he became violent.  Dousing himself in kerosene, he vowed to harm himself if she wouldn’t consent to have sex with him.  When he lit a match to dramatize his bluff, the wind sparked a flame which engulfed him.  By the time he managed to extinguish the fire, much of his body had suffered severe 3rd degree burns and shortly after, he tragically died.  The surrounding community came after Myuri to beat her up because they blamed her for his death.   She’s now in a safe place where she can finish school and learn a trade.

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Dipali is a shy 9 year old.  When she was only a year, her father died and her mom remarried an abusive, alcoholic man who would regularly beat her up.  After her mom conceived another baby, her husband left.  Because mom couldn’t financially support two children, she sent Dipali away to the Place of Refuge where she can receive education and good care.  The mom has come to know the Lord through the Bandra church.


Suyesh is 8.  He has no known father and his working mom cant protect him from the mistreatment he was receiving at the hand of his grandparents.  Digestive problems require medical care that she cannot support.  She has sent her son to House of Refuge which provides him the medical oversight and spiritual/emotional healing that he needs.


Amit (4) and Yesh (2) have encountered inconceivable terror in their young lives.  Their father travels from village to village working the sugar cane harvest so cannot care for the boys.  A while back, their mother, suffering from depression, committed suicide by setting herself on fire.  The boys watched her burned alive.  So traumatized by what they witnessed, the 4 year old has not spoken since.


4 year old Arman’s mother lives in Mumbai and was rescued from prostitution.  The church helped her get a paying job at a beauty parlor where she is allowed to stay at night, but there is no room for Arman.  He was received at Place of Refuge where they are working to rehabilitate him.


Rayka is in the 10th grade.  She has two brothers who live in Mumbai with her parent, and yet she, the daughter has been sent away.  The marriage is bad.  Years ago, Raykas 5 year old brother saved her mom’s life when she tried to commit suicide.  Rayka has grown up with severe abuse at the hand of her father who doesn’t love his daughter.  The neighbors reported to Aun about the mistreatment of Rayka.  Gia and Aun removed Rayka from the abusive situation and have placed her in the safety of Place of Refuge.



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