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Monday, June 14, 2010

Im sure you’ve noticed by now, we love birthdays around here. I come from a long line of party planners. Events, holidays, creating memories and traditions are a big deal! Heres a peek at our celebration this weekend…..

We had a Lakeside Beach Bash to celebrate Tristan and Abi turning 8!
Daddy rigged an awesome Slip N Slide and greased it with soap for extra speed.
We played Beach ball volleyball and wet n’ wild water games.
A special thanks to Derek for the 2+ hours he spent filling 200 water balloons. A labor of love when you consider it took ninety-six seconds flat for the kids to bomb eachother and run through the entire supply!
We’ve considered there may be wisdom in having friends sign legal waivers before rides on the tube……The chiropractors in the area have us to thank for new patients.
They played hard, soaked up sun, laughed loud and ate lots!
Two cakes of course for Thing 1 and Thing 2!
I love these kiddos! So lucky to be, Mommy to TWINS!
Happy Birthday you two!

Oh, and lastly….anyone want to take a wild guess at what went home in these cute pails as party favors? Here’s your hint:
The kids think Im a pretty cool mom….and all the parents hate me!


  • shannon says:

    Looks like one fun party– some lucky kiddos!

    And I am going to guess candy. I did the same thing at Kaiti’s birthday- we had a candy bar that they got to fill baskets with, and I don’t think the parents were thrilled with my sweet idea 🙂

  • We haven’t fed our little gift yet, but it is still kicking!!!

  • Looks like an adorable party! Hmmm…as for the tins…I was going to guess tons of candy, but after looking at the above comment, I don’t have a clue. Can’t wait to find out!

  • Donna says:

    Sounds like GOLDFISH to me…ha!
    Gee, Mandy, we Do have a lot in common…we were celebrating birthdays in our house this weekend too…grandson Cooper who is 3 and next week, my husband and his twin brother!
    You party looks totally FUN!!! You know how to throw a PARTY!! Such cute pails…

  • Anonymous says:

    We hate that we missed the party. And as far as the favors go (thanks for getting ours to us before we went out of town)….two down and one to go!! HA! It is Lee’s thats left.


  • Karen says:

    your cakes never cease to amaze me. WOW!! Happy birthday to A and T! Can’t believe how big they are. Wow!! 🙂
    love ya!

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