Parasols & Sunflowers, Hay-bales & Apples

Thursday, August 4, 2011
I have SO much fun with these assignments!  Shooting Dayspring Dresses seasonal lines is a great excuse to take my girls out and play with my camera.  For someone who could live her entire life in balmy temperatures, I must say, fall has never looked so good.  These colors make me happy!
We shot these over the weekend and Im so glad we did it when we did…
I drove by this morning to find the entire beautiful field of sunflowers had been mowed, ground tilled to prepare to plant something else.
 These giggly girls clearly dont take their job too seriously.  We sure do laugh a lot!
 Focus is off in this one, but I just love seeing Izzy’s little belly-laugh!
 I was packing up the girls clothes today for an out-of-town trip and ended up with a small bag completely full of hair accessories.  C thought it was a little eccentric.  I told him it was unlikely that the eccentricity is going to change any time soon in this household.  I cant even begin to imagine the drama when these stair-step girls are teenagers.  All….at…..once…!!
Even Gabriella got in on the fun launching her “distinguished modeling career” with this sweet smocked set.
 They are a MESS!  For some reason, they kept striking these Kung-Fu poses whenever I tried to get a little sass out of them.  We were all in stitches!
 Flash back to Little House on the Prairie ,,,sisters traipsing through the grass at the intro:)
 When did my baby get these long legs?
One of the apples of my eye….love this girl!
 So, Ive taken the plunge and started a Facebook Photography page.  Ive loved the opportunity to work with families and am starting to take on more work for clothing boutiques and thought FB would be a good place compile it all.  Take a peek HERE.
 Here again is Evie hamming in up.  Lil’ ninja!
 All the outtakes make me laugh.  These girls are going to grow up as such tremendous friends to eachother!
So, Kelly is soliciting help.  She needs titles for each of these lines before she lists her fall clothes.
Any ideas?

  • Kelly says:

    Love it! Such beautiful girls, you and C are so very blessed! I have enjoyed these photos so much, not just because of the clothes, but seeing the girl’s personality and their growth over the last year has been so much fun. Your business venture is a great idea and I know you will be amazing at it (as in all you do). Just don’t get to busy for me 😉

  • Rachel C says:

    Well I don’t have any creative ideas for you, but I had to comment that your girls are so precious!!

  • Amanda says:

    Evie looks so grown up in those pictures! In the first one, how did you do her hair?? It looks so cute!

  • Lacey says:

    As always lovin the beautiful blondies! And I love her dresses, I need to go order something spectacular for Arina!

  • Lara says:

    I cannot get over how much they’ve grown!!! Love them all!

    Tell Kelly the first set should be something with “posies” and the second “poppies.”

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