Painting Party and a GIVEAWAY

Sunday, October 7, 2012
Shannau, you won the party package giveaway!!  Contact me at with your shipping address and Ill mail out your party supplies!

Im not gonna lie.  This was the easiest birthday party in the history of the Smith family…
Those nearest and dearest know my propensity to go a little overboard with birthday parties.
We are STILL finding glitter in cracks and crannies in the house from our Fairy themed party and “wishing pixie dust” that I not-so-wisely distributed to a dozen 4 year olds back in January.
And then there are is my friend who is still holding a grudge that the live pets we sent home as favors from the twins party a couple years ago are (to her great dismay) still living….darn it!
So, when I told C of my great idea to have Britain’s entire class of third graders….and permanent acryllic paint….in our home for an art-themed painting party, he did what every supportive husband would do…..
…told me to come up with another idea.
I assured him I could just put brown paper over our table and contain the paint.
He assured me I was nuts.
And reminded me that I dont know how to teach a painting class.
So began the quest for an alternative location for an art themed party.
Best decision of my life.
Well….in the top ten at least!


I spoke to Natasha at Wine & Design and was so excited to get a party lined up.  She was super accommodating and sent Britain a huge electronic gallery to browse through and pick the painting she wanted to paint for her party.  Their facility was much more equipped than my kitchen table and their concrete flooring looks way cooler with paint spatters than my parisian rug would have.
The guy who taught the class had the kids full attention.  It was unreal.  First time in my life Ive been in a room full of 15 girls and had…..complete…..silence!  They were all so intent on their work and contentedly created their masterpieces for 2 hours.
And this meant I got to do my favorite part of a party.  The planning, the preparation, the decorating and the pictures.  Im totally happy to not be the one in change….I just want to plan it:)!!
…and take pictures.
Leaving the party, even C was impressed.
No drama.
No chaos.
No mess in our home.
And a bunch of very happy kiddos with great paintings to show off.
We now have an entire series of orange and teal butterflies in our home thanks to 4 painters in our family!  Gonna have to paint an accent wall orange…we have NOTHING else this color scheme in our home!
Keeping with the theme, my friend at Iz Good cakes of Columbia designed a fitting “art” inspired cake which was every bit as yummy as it looks!
Very fun, low key and entertaining gig.  So, who wants to go back to Wine & Design with me for a ladies night out?  I want to paint!
So, Ive got a $45 value giveaway up for grabs!!
Id love to share fun party supplies so one of you can plan your own party with these fun crazy colors.  Package up for grabs includes:
~An adorable Happy Birthday Banner from The Banner Sisters (Ive worked with them on a number of events and their creations are super cute!)
~20 assorted nut cups in yellow and green (from CuteTape….my go-to place for party supplies and washi tape – my new addiction!)
~6 clear gum ball paint pails (as shown…great for storing or decorating)
Here’s how to enter.
If you have a Pinterest account, simply “pin” any picture from this party (or any other party on the seventh smith blog) on one of your Pinterest boards.
Leave a comment below for every picture you pin.  So, if you pin 5 pictures, leave 5 comments.
If you dont have a Pinterest account, just “follow” our blog and leave a comment below that you are following.
Ill draw a winner on Monday and you can start some party planning of your own.
Here’s to my beautiful, artistic, independent, dancing-queen, caring, middle-sister, Ukrainian-born, answer-to-prayer, gift-giving, contagious-giggler, daring, funny, loyal, helpful, adored Britain!  Happy Birthday babe!

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