One in a Million

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Statistics say the occurrence of their heart defects are 1 in 100….but these two share more than their status as congenital heart defect warriors….they have a friendship that is one-in-a-million!!

When Faith and I “met” online 9 years ago, we were in the throes of survival as young heart mommas and discovered each others blogs through mutual friends.  What followed was an unlikely friendship which has literally spanned years and miles.  We’ve visited them on their beautiful property in Missouri a number of times, Faith brought Maggie on her first international flight 3 years ago to visit us in Thailand and we’ve even navigated their family adoption in China together!   If you ask the girls, they’ll tell you that some of their happiest memories are ones they’ve made together!  We had a chance to make more of those this past chilly, beautiful, October weekend.

Tristan’s grandparents “rescued” him and he got to escape from the dormitory of girls for a few days, but we did show up at his soccer game en masse on Saturday to cheer him on, no doubt leaving the team to wonder how he was so lucky to have 8 enthusiastic cheerleaders on the sideline!!  The rest of our weekend was a blissful, exhausting whirlwind….Chick-fil-A meet up with another heart momma friend….Halloween costuming and face painting…..lazy Saturday morning pancake grilling…..cookout and sunset by the lake….pumpkin carving and cookie decorating.  All of our kids have formed fast friendships and even sweet Cora (newly adopted from China) fit right into the wild mix of “cousins”.

When Izzy boldly inquired, “so, are you two just dressing up as average mom’s for Halloween“, Faith was quick to retort that we were definitely dressing up as “above average mom’s!”  

Here’s to us Faith!!  Its no small feat to get 10 kids dressed for trick or treating and get them to church early the next morning…..and no bandaids or ER visits to boot!!

Trick or Treating…

Pumpkin Carving…

You’re one-in-a-million sweet girls!  So grateful for the beautiful way God works all things for good and that He has brought our families together through you two!!

Photo credit to Abi for all of these!

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