Not Me Monday

Monday, April 19, 2010

It was not me who learned the hard way that a three-year-old can not discern between a sheet of stickers and a sheet of 44 cent postage stamps when she makes a beautiful picture for mommy.
(Im considering trying to sell a lovely piece of artwork on Ebay valued at roughly $5.28)
This same three-year-old was complaining the other night that her tooth hurt and she needed medicine. It was most certainly not me who administered 5 mls. of grape juice through a syringe to combat her ailments. (Remarkably, it worked – who knew?)
No not I! Such a gesture would be condoning deception which I do not!
And it was not me who found it wildly funny when Abi told me the following:
“Mommy, I have a scratch on my mouth. But its ok. Grandma gave me some of her backwash to make it feel better”.
It was concluded that the bright blue liquid that Grandma offered was….you guessed it, mouthwash, not in fact, the remains of her beverage.
And on our school trip to the Statehouse this week to lobby for an educational issue, I did not discretely dispose of the letter Abi had carefully written to her legislator when I read;
“I like homeschool because I dont have to get up so early”.
Nice Abi!
No, not me. I allow my children to freely express their viewpoint!

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