Not Me Monday

Monday, October 19, 2009

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Where we moms blog about all the things we would never confess in person.
Clearly, I learned my lesson last week after the hair remover cream incident, because this week, I did not turn my back on that same child while she was helping stir what would have been our delicious egg casserole.
Neither did I whip out my camera amused at her “Who done it” expression and the accusing finger pointing at her sister when the contents ended up on the floor.

And with those strikes against her, I certainly would not leave that little darling unsupervised with the contents of my purse. Returning after a brief interchange on the phone, I did not find that she had consumed an entire box of Altoid mints in two minutes flat. Not this always-on-top-of-things-mom! (but her breath sure did smell sweet!)
Lastly, we did not discover one of Evie’s bottles that had gone missing over two months ago. It was not in the bottom of a tote bag on a hook in the kitchen where I pass it every day. And it certainly was not still full of milk (aka a cottage-cheese-consistency science experiment on mold).
With this crazy crew, I never let things get a little out of hand….not me!

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