Newborn Session with Baby “C”

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have a confession….redheads are my favorite!
I always told C that I wanted a redhead-daughter.  Clearly, its not been in the gene pool for us, but I have a soft spot for these gorgeous gingers!

Sweet baby Charlotte was in the studio recently with her gorgeous older sisters who were total posers – made my job a JOY!  Absolutely infatuated with all the stunning images we got of their precious interactions with their adored little sister.  Welcome to the world sweet baby Charlotte!



Every once in a  blue moon, I go through the proofs and squeal when I come across a gem like this.  We snapped sleeping beauty with a dreamy little grin on her face….awwwwwww!!



And then there are those other ones that just make me giggle….sometimes the outtakes end up being my favorites!!


Katie, your images will be ready later today…..thanks for letting me photograph these lovely little ladies!!


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