New Friend

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Im so tremendously amazed by peoples kindness sometimes!
A precious new friend Kelly read Evie’s story on the blog and has been praying for her.

She is a momma to little girls, thus I know stays very busy.

But she somehow manages to run a business from her home and smock these darling little sundresses. (Oh that I had just a smidge of that energy!)
She asked me if she could make one for Evie.
Needless to say, she didnt have to ask twice.

We’ve never met, but Ive been so touched by the kindness of this new friend!
I know you’re all wanting to know if you can get one made for your little girl:-) She has a shop on Etsy, so here’s the link if you’re wanting to take a peek at all her other cute designs!
Dayspring Dresses

What a sweet gesture!
Im so very touched!

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