Monday Blues

Monday, August 1, 2011
For many, Monday’s roll around with an impending sense of doom.
But for us, we have a couple more weeks of summer.  Im savoring the dozens of daily gifts evident to me in these vacation days with all my little ducks in a row. Mondays are just another day to lounge around eating breakfast in our pajamas and to stay up late watching the sun set over our lake.  
Not too shabby!
For all these smallnesses, I thank you Lord!
Here’s the Monday Blues from my point of view.

Monograms…need I say more?
My boy at play with his wild-thing-treasures.
China cabinet that makes me smile with memories of my daddy and I shopping and collecting before my wedding at thrift stores and antique markets.
Eyes…a window to her special heart!
Tiny toes…bless them!
Her impecable sense of style.
Lazy, hazy summer afternoon and cool treats to thwart heat stroke.
Reflections in pools of summer days with my sweet treasures….that will not always be so….but which I will always cherish!!

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