Lovin’ Summer!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scrumptious, Succulent, Sugary Sweet;

Five little pickers in the southern summer heat,

Four buckets full of a delectable treat.

Ripe red strawberries now we eat, eat, EAT!

I have fond childhood memories of my daddy (who’s workplace was near a farmers market) bringing home a flat of strawberries in the summer and consuming it in its entirety over the weekend. He called me his “strawberry girl”. My mother also has pictures of me picking as a two year old in a little dress and hat that she’d smocked strawberries on. Today was reminiscent of some of my sweetest childhood memories!

We joined our friends Kaitlin and Ashley for a delightful afternoon in the berry patch. Im pretty sure if they’d weighed us in and out, they would have charged us for an additional pound of strawberries.
Fresh off the vine! There is nothing like it!
Britain and Abi each filled an entire bucket.
Izzy cried as we left because it started raining before she could fill hers completely. (overachiever!)
Evie consumed no less than 50…..(and has had 3 dirty diapers tonight to prove it).
Tristan picked 13.
……..then he and Kaitlin happily proceeded to catch enough crickets to open their own bait shop and supply all the fishers on our lake.
We topped the day off with almond flavored pound cake, fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream with our friends.
Im lovin’ Summer!!

  • We went last week. They were HUGE. We had a great time and have gone every Summer since ’06. Are you in GA now? Would love to have a park picnic if you are.

  • Josie says:

    Sounds like so much fun. I remember those days, although I have more memories of Picking blueberries. Yummm! Strawberries sound good!

  • Lacey says:

    Oh my mouth is watering! After having fresh strawberries at Heathers (she has a patch down the street) my store bought ones were yucky!

  • The Carter's says:

    There’s nothing better than straight-off-the-vine ripe strawberries! Yummy! We went a few weeks ago and Derrick LOVED it!

  • Donna says:

    That delishious fruit is only topped by your adorable children!!! Your photography is really good!!! Wonderful pictures!!

  • Cheryce says:

    Oh yummmmm! Your kids are having so much fun!

  • Wrenda Crain says:

    Mandy, How I remember the Scheidt girls always dressed in elegant smocked dresses as lovely as their Mother! Just seeing the outfits you & your Mother smocked for your own 4 this year brought back such fond memories of growing up together in Vinings. Elliott & Melissa are expecting a little girl, Lauren Katherine Crain, June 16th & she’s the first girl in the Crain family in 105 yrs. I’m so enjoying all things pink & smocked!!! And Tyler & Kari are also expecting a little boy a month later, so after almost 7 yrs of marriage for Elliott, we are going to be Grandparents twice.
    The testimony of your lives & faith in our little cul de sac have left a profound impact on our lives. From Elliott’s friendship w/Zachery to the VBS outreach camp of receiving Christ by Tyler, to my everlasting friendship w/your Mother ….. and I too remember the strawberries & your family going to picking farms.
    How very proud we are of you, Mandy. Yours in the Lord, Mrs. Crain

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