Letter For My Girl

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
My sweet Evie
Today like every day, we thank God for your precious life.  We’ve been gifted with 1,825 days to love and care for you.  Thats 5 years of memories, moments and milestones.  
Thats 5 years you’ve been on loan from God to us. 
And we dont take even one of those minutes for granted! 
This time of year always “gets” me.  And this year especially with our life in such topsy-turvy disarray, Im a little prone to nostalgic moments and a few tears here and there.  But most of all, my tears are mingled with deep gratitude and amazement.  When your beautiful blue self made its entrance into this world, we had no idea how you’d turn our world upside down.  And in the months and years of questions and fears that followed, we never thought that “normal” would be part of our life again.  
I never thought Id sleep through the night without fear that you wouldnt wake up.  
Never thought that you, our “failure to thrive” child would be wearing size 6x at her 5th birthday.  
Never thought we’d ever feel comfortable taking you away from the medical professionals that know you and care for you so attentively. 
Today we celebrate you turning five.  Tomorrow we embark on a new adventure that will take us the the very furthermost corner of the world.  
And Im ok with that.
So those grateful tears are just in response to the overwhelming answers to prayer that God has worked so faithfully in your precious life.  Once again my Evangeline Shalom, you have taught us about Peace.  Through you we continue to learn abiding trust in the Father when there are so many questions and uncertainties.  We have seen Him come through time and time again in your short little life and are anticipating that He has gone before and prepared the way for whatever we will face in these next few years living overseas.  
I cant wait to see how your little light shines in a new place.  Daddy and I are praying for sweet little friends, wonderful new doctors and special opportunities for you in this new environment.  Cant wait to see what God has in store!
Child of my heart, there is indescribable affection for you. Hope your day is filled with sweet moments amidst the chaos.
As we sing every night at bedtime….
The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make His face shine upon you
And give you peace
And give you peace
And give you peace forever!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
All my love

  • How special! Happy Birthday blessed blessed little girl! How we will miss you and are excited that you are able to make this next journey with your family!

  • Lydia says:

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

  • Judy Neff says:

    Happy Birthday to the one that didn’t seem likely to make it…that was so blue we didn’t realize how beautiful she was…to the precious one most attentively cared for and love and for whom our God must have a most wonderful plan! I will always cheer you on though you don’t even know me! May God be glorified in your moments, days, and years! Have joy-filled birthday – all of you! Hugs all around!

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