Lazy Hazy Summer Afternoons

Saturday, July 24, 2010
It is thanks to some sweet friends whom we visited this week that my kids are now begging, pleading, offering to mow the lawn, feed the hog, forgo their allowance and eat spinach for a month…..
….that is IF..……if we will purchase a hotwheel car like Graysen and Caleb’s.
Its pretty much the coolest thing ever! The kids had the time of their life. The neighbors weren’t too pleased with Tristan backing over their flower bed and denting their mailbox, but he eventually figured out the difference between forward and reverse.

We shared a delightful afternoon with Evie’s heart buddy Graysen and his family. They courageously invited our entire brood to play and have dinner with them. The 7 kiddos between our two families dripped pop-cycles and whacked whiffle balls while Laura and I photographed our cute kids. Even the daddies found something entertaining to do and had the kids taking sides and cheering!

They fed us like kings and I have been dreaming ever since about another slice of Raspberry Elegance cake with cream-cheese icing…..mmmmmm………
It always brings me to tears seeing these two.
Such similar hearts.
Such difficult roads.
Such a precious bond!
Stay strong Evie and Graysen! Your families love you so much!

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