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Saturday, January 14, 2017


C and Tristan were out of town last week.  That means its a girl party at our house and when the day ends and the littles are tucked in bed, Abi and Britain typically end up in mine, with a cup of granola or ice cream, and that’s our girl-talk time.  One night this week tho, we found ourselves laptop in the middle, looking back at blog posts from 8 or 9 years ago and laughing hysterically at the antics and hilarity of their younger years.  I was reminded why I blog…my “scrapbook” of sorts for my loves to look back on one day and glimpse the crazy and creative, the stress and slap-stick, the memories and the mayhem, the good, bad and the ugly of life in this little tribe.
So here’s a recap of kid-quotes from this week….

Dinner table conversation the other night turned to a typic that had come up in school and someone wanted to know what a “hypocrite” was.  As we tried to give definition to it, Izzy blurted out “isnt that a political party?  Republicans and Hypocrites”!
No no darling…but regardless of your political alliances, you gotta laugh.

Izzy’s on a roll this week generating giggles…
We have a pet gerbil that sadly looks like his demise is imminent.  Its Evie’s pet.  Izzy came to me with sparkly “pen with a plume” in hand to inform me of the following: “Mom, Evie is upstairs crying that her gerbil is going to die, but Ive got a plan.  Im writing invitations to the ceremony and Im going to be the host.  All I have is fancy cupcake invitations so everyone in the family will get one.  There will be a dress code and everyone can say something at the service.  It will be lovely!
Sure, it may be customary to wait for the deceased to….die, but we will be prepared when it happens and this will be one well grieved-for-gerbil!

While sorting through laundry with too-many-helping-hands rummaging through the laundered loads, Evie pulled out a black, seamless thong and with one swift motion, stretched it between two hands and yelled, “Hey mom, whose pile should I put this slingshot in?”

Life with these littles is anything but boring.  Here’s to the dinner table topics, the laundry loads and the beloved rugrats that make up this laughter-filled life that we call family!


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