Just a Week Late….sigh

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where has the week gone?  I don’t even know.  We’re staying super busy.  Soccer season just ended.  Im teaching dance.  The girls are taking gymnastics.  We’re enjoying time with C home after 3 weeks in Ukraine and Central Asia.  School awards for the first semester took place last week.  This seasons flu shots have all been administered.  Our car is in the shop with some major, expensive repairs.  Gigi’s getting mobile and I cant trust her to stay put when I lay her on the bed anymore,  Im loving a Beth Moore Bible study Im doing with several ladies in the neighborhood.  Izzy is on the verge of reading and loves our school time every morning.  Im getting lots of opportunities to experiment with photography.  The laundry pile is never ending.  My days are full.  Happy, but full!  Life is beautiful…..and busy! 

They’re late but I HAD to post pics of my cute kids in costume.  Evie-girl cracked me up.  She’s been talking about wearing her red tutu dress for months, though the character that she intended to represent changed all night.  She told people she was Cinderella…Gabriella (from HS Musical)…and Belle.  I think she was just a generic red princess:)

Izzy, my funny little Lady Bug.

Britain, donning her pixie Tinkerbelle ensemble.

Abigail all gussied up as Audrey Hepburn.

And T-man.  The one.  The only.  Ironman!

Uncle Raisin took it upon himself to ensure that Tristan had a super-cool macho, manly costume to bring a little balance to all the fairy wings and glitter make-up floating around our house. This was one proud kid with his laser light, mask and bodysuit.

As tough as he looks, this favorite son of mine still has a tender heart.  I had to go to court yesterday to pay a fine for speeding….ummm…. yes, you remember correctly, this is not the first time Ive been stopped.  (not one of my proudest moments)  Guilty as charged!….
Anyway, Tristan expressed a great amount of concern regarding the fact that I had to go to court.  I went to his school to meet the kids for lunch the day I was to appear in court. When I showed up at school with Gigi, he wanted to know if I was taking her to court with me.
I was….there was no alternative to leave her because I was going to be out most of the day.
Good”.  Tristan responded.  I kinda feel better that you’re taking Gigi with you.   She is so cute that I know they wont put Gigi in jail”.
HA!  Not sure what that says about me, but I assured him that they would not be putting Gigi OR me in the slammer for speeding.
I love that cute kid!

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