Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like…..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We’ve decorated our lil’ tree….

And 16 foot trees in both grandmother’s houses!

Gingerbread is made…..and my gingerbread helpers are pretty sweet themselves!

The stockings are hung by the mantle with care and we’ve consumed gallons of hot chocolate already in our giant nutcracker mugs while watching classics like The Grinch and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

And…….we just finished my new favorite economical, green-friendly, low budget, child inclusive Christmas craft to add to our decor…
Collect pinecones from your yard (we have them in abundance!)
Mix 1 part water with 1 part elmers glue.

Kids from 1 to 92 can have fun brushing glue on the cones in every crack and crevice.
Sprinkle generously with glitter ($2.49 at Target….lasts forever!)

And wa-la! Cheap. Easy. (messy) but fun!

We have a huge bowl of sparkling pinecones on our kitchen table and have nestled more among tuelle and white lights on the mantle.

We are so ready to be done with school (perhaps me even more than the kids!) Anxious to spend our days reading by the fire and baking up a storm. Enjoying these precious, blessed days with all my little munchkins at home.
Loving life.
Making memories.
Celebrating the Birthday of our Lord!

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