Hot Wheels Pizza Review Bangkok Thailand

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Velcro, Coca-cola and Penicillin have all been monumental inventions born of frustration or accident.  And Bangkok has its own history-in-the-making by way of a pizza shop raising the bar after the owner discovered this city sadly lacking in authentic Italian-inspired pizza.

My husband first tasted Hot Wheels for a casual weekday lunch and came home raving that it “was the best pizza in Bangkok”.  His lofty claims were not unfounded and we made Hot Wheels our dining selection the next week for “date night” each polishing off our own pizza.  While the large would be an adequate portion to split, it was just too yummy to share!

The trademark wood burning oven is secret to that oh-so-perfect crust.  Quality ingredients and an extra generous sprinkle of cheese makes these a fierce rival to any other local pizza parlor.  On the menu, select from signature favorites or build your own customized creation with meats imported from Italy, cheeses and local fresh vegetables available to make a mouthwatering masterpiece!  And what makes Hot Wheels even more amazing is that this outfit is mobile!  “Hot Wheels” for which it is named, operates out of a fully functional truck with oven, chef, ingredients and talent all serving up a slice of awesomeness by way of Napoli Pizzas.

Hot Wheels delivers, and to friends of this blog, Hot Wheels is offering free delivery on the first order!!  Just mention “Best of Bangkok” when you place your order.  A great alternative to generic pizza chains, Hot Wheels can cater to parties, gatherings, or just family Friday-night movie marathons as we enjoyed this week!

And when you’ve satisfied your savory craving, make sure you save room to satiate that sweet tooth.  The Nutella Star with Mascarpone cheese, bananas and hazelnut spread may not be a classic pizza recipe, but its a sinfully sweet end to a perfect pizza party!

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Delivery Mon-Sat 6:00-midnight and Sunday 6:00-10:00pm.
Don’t forget to mention “Best of Bangkok” and request free delivery!

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