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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summers here and we are DYING from heat exhaustion, but keeping 7 kids cooped up inside just isn’t an option.  You can only spend so many hours at the pool before you are waterlogged and sunburned, so we’re grateful for any indoor, air-conditioned, energy-exerting activities to keep our crazy crew occupied.  We were gifted summer games passes through the Bowlero Corporation that is our go-to fix for boredom and stir crazy afternoons.
Get up.
Get active.
And have a ball!!

Summer Games Passes are essentially season passes that allow you bowl THREE games per day, every day throughout the summer.  For a fixed fee, this all inclusive pass covers the lane as well as shoes, so no hidden fees and tack-on expenses!

Summer Games Passes through the Bowlero Corporation have numerous locations nation wide, but for you Greenville friends, you can pick up passes at AMF Starlanes Greenville 
740 S Pleasantburg Dr
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: (864) 242-5764
The AMF Starlanes are a family friendly atmosphere with fun for all, adequate space, neon lights and 80’s music to boot.

The passes are available for purchase now through August 22nd. Bowlers of all ages can buy a Summer Games Pass, ranging from $9.95-$43.95 for children 15 and younger and $27.95-$58.95 for those 16 and older (price varies by state and center).

We may not be the most talented family at the bowling alley, but thank heavens for guardrails for the peanut gallery.  The younger kids feel like pros with this amendment which keeps the ball out of the gutter and ensures conquest of at least a few pins!  That’s how we roll!!

Get your passes sooner rather than later.  Valid through September 3rd.
Your “spare” time will be well spent 🙂

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