Food, Glorious Food

Friday, February 15, 2013

We’re definitely struggling the most with food here.  This kids havent quite warmed to sushi (me neither) and have had their fill of rice after 4 weeks.  We are missing peanut butter, mexican food and diary – our staples at home.  Typically we buy a gallon size container of sour cream at SAMS in the States.  A tiny yogurt sized container here in Bangkok costs nearly $5, so thats out of the question.

We’re big on cheese and milk and yogurt, but its just priced ridiculously here.  A lot of imported food can be found, however……..I was excited to find Oscar Meyer hot dogs yesterday…..until I looked at the price tag.  $10 for 8 dogs……um, no!  
Im certain Evie has lost pounds – she’s a rail.  And Tristan is looking a bit like an emaciated kid from some 3rd world country….  I can count his ribs 🙂 
I got what I thought was a treat the other night.  Ice cream that looked like Neapolitan flavors.  There were three colors in one container.  When I dished it out, I read the fine print.  The flavors were green tea, milk tea and exotic chai.  TEA flavored ice cream!  It was biter and the kids hated it.
Im so proud of them tho.  They are sampling new things and trying not to complain, but just missing the “comfort foods” we’re familiar with.  
Determined to fill their bellies with treats (even if it meant a steady diet of sugar for a day), I splurged yesterday on some imported goodness.  Basically anything I could find that was “pink” or “valentine-y”.  
They were happy campers to find cream cheese sandwiches with sugar sprinkles, yogurt dipped pretzels, and heart shaped pastries.  And this we LOVE here – pomelo.  
Its a native fruit that looks like a grapefruit but is much milder.  My new favorite thing!
And a super fun Valentine gift – my brothers 7th baby was born!!  Beating us with 5 girls and 2 boys! So wishing I could snuggle my new nephew!
My littlest Valentine slept right through our little lunch festivities.  How is it that only a year ago, she was such a tiny schmoo!?  She’s probably adapting the best.  She’s sampling dried sea weed and LOVES it (gag!!)
circa Valentines Day 2012
Missing my handsome hunk today.  But have a plan for a fun date when he returns from Dubai.  A couples thai-massage runs about $10 an hour.  Think we can spring for that.  
Beats dinner and a movie! 🙂
I get asked almost daily if these two are twins.  
Why?  Is there a similarity or something?

  • Helen Kurtz (Cakey Bakey) says:

    Yeah, imported goods are a real burner of the pocket!! You may have to make pasta from scratch to replace the rice!! Or you can purchase the local yellow noodles for spaghetti. How about fish? If they are cheap, you can smash cooked fish with shredded veggies to make into patties and serve over mashed potatoes. I LOVE pomelo too!! Hope you find something nourishable & yummy soon!! Hang in there, my dear, things will get better!! Sending love, prayers & happy thoughts your way!! Group hugs!!

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