Evie’s Namesake

Thursday, February 25, 2010
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
Amy March ~ Little Women

This is a post Ive wanted to write for a while. Its taken some time for my emotions to catch up and to put into words what is spilling from my heart.

Meet Maggie Jane….is she adorable or what?

This precious girl is several months older than Evie and also has a complex little porcelain heart. Maggie’s mom Faith and I connected months ago through our blogs and have become kindred spirits tho we’ve never met. We’ve prayed eachothers babies through surgeries and proceedures. We’ve shared triumphs and laughs at our daughters antics. We’ve confided our deepest fears and found a camaraderie through another heart-mom who “gets it” when it comes to our complicated little girls.
Maggie Jane will become a big sister to a new little baby girl in a few short months. Imagine my surprise when Faith shared with me that they will be naming their newest daughter Evangeline Kait in honor of our Evie. I get teary even now thinking of it.

To think that our girl who, by medical standards, should not have survived, will have a little namesake and legacy. I am deeply touched and so excited for them to welcome this precious little girl (who has a strong, whole, healthy heart – praise the Lord!) into their beautiful family!
Funny thing. These sweet-heart families have become extensions of my own! The intensity of companionship we have shared with others who have walked the “heart road” has had deep significance that transcends distance. Its a club you would never sign up for. A joining of ranks you would never enlist in voluntarily. No one asks for a child with a broken heart. No mother can fathom watching her baby endure open heart surgery.
Im amazed by the connectivity Ive found with other mom’s through our blogs. There are times C has (lovingly) recommended I take a sabbatical from reading other heart babies blogs because I was crying myself to sleep every night. I cant imagine walking the road we have without the Grace of God, the shoulder of my husband, the prayers of thousands and the support and friendship of other precious heart families! What a privilege it is to share this journey with you and pray for and love your little ones!…..you know who you are!!
Pop into Faith’s lovely blog and tell her to prop her feet up in this last trimester! And add Miss Maggie to your prayers for little ones with special hearts!

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