Evie Takes Tea

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tea is a fine art.  You simply cannot begin developing grace, manners and etiquette too early.  So we set out to culture Evie… 

My mother treated us and my sisters to tea at the Ritz Carlton in celebration of my sister Josie and I who share a birthday.  Josie and I are 14 years apart…the same age difference lies between her and Evie which is very sweet!  

Tea at the Ritz is absolutely decadent!  
Elaborate floral sprays,  
Elegant piano music, 
Ornate pastries and delicate tea sandwiches which 
are as pleasing to the eye as to the palate.  
The tinkling of crystal,
Extensive choices in tea flavors
    Quite an experience!

Evie was the belle of the ball, contentedly teething on a tiny silver sugar spoon while we enjoyed our afternoon.  She grew so fond of it that Mother spoke to our server and asked to purchase it as a keepsake from her first tea party….a precious gesture! So the little princess now has spoon with “The Ritz Carlton” embossed on it.  Dont think for a minute that she’s going to eat her rice cereal with it……..its going in a shadow box as a memento!

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth?  No, but we’re making up for lost time.  You cant really spoil a baby – right?

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