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Sunday, June 1, 2014
Having never experienced labor with my first child who was a scheduled c-section (breech), and then attempting a VBAC in – of all places – a foreign country with my second child, having extra support was important for both my husband and me.
What drew us to Mandy as a doula was her willingness to support us through our attempt at a VBAC, no matter whether it was successful or whether we ended up with a medically necessary repeat c-section (for which we also wanted doula support). Mandy was willing to labor with us in the natural birthing room but she was also willing to support us in the operating room if it came to that. I’m happy to say we had a successful VBAC, mostly due to Mandy sticking with my husband and me and helping us to navigate through the stages of labor which were so new to us.
Mandy has a good reputation with OBs that she has worked with, which also impressed us. When I mentioned to my Thai OB that I was thinking of hiring a doula and I mentioned Mandy’s name, the OB exclaimed “Oh Mandy, she’s VERY good!” It was important to me that having a doula present would not create any tension in the birth room, and Mandy does an excellent job of supporting mom and dad, while also being sure to not interfere with medical discussions and the patient-doctor relationship.
In the end my daughter was delivered via VBAC and we even surprised ourselves and ended up doing a natural birth! Even though it was our second child, my husband and I were the blind leading the blind. Mandy was able to help both of us see the light at the end of the tunnel and that birth was a natural process.
Mandy and Baby Alice

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