Doula Bangkok – Fulfilled dream of a water birth – Sarah

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After having an unplanned epidural with my first birth, I vowed to hire a doula if I was ever pregnant again. We moved to Bangkok when I was 4 months pregnant and it took me some time to research doulas in town. My OB enthusiastically recommended Mandy so we met and I knew she would be a great fit to help me give birth. When the time came, Mandy talked to my husband on the phone and helped him decide when it was time to encourage me to go the hospital. He really liked that as it took some of the pressure off him at a time when I couldn’t make difficult decisions. Once we were at the hospital, Mandy helped me stay calm during contractions and coached me down off the ledge when I felt overwhelmed. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t want to hear any voice but Mandy’s when it was time to push because I trusted her completely to help me. My husband was fine with that as it gave him an opportunity to really focus on what was happening and enjoy the moment of our son’s birth. After he was born, I had unexpected serious complications and Mandy helped all of us during that time–she reassured my husband and me and even held our minutes-old baby while I received the medical care I needed. I give Mandy so much credit for helping me fulfill my dream of having a water birth.
Thank you, Mandy



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