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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I honestly cannot say enough positive things about Mandy and the impact she had in our child birth experience. When my wife first proposed that we get a doula, my response, like many men I would imagine was “what the heck is a doula”. Then, once she informed me what it was my reply was “we don’t need that, that is my job”. I agreed to meet with her anyways and in the meantime became educated more about the birthing process, the stresses it takes upon a woman’s body and the needs she would have in terms of support.

Once we met Mandy I was sold and man am I glad we chose her. She coached us throughout the whole process, before, during and after birth. Each and every one of her suggestions turned out to be so on point and complete sanity savers. My wife had a natural birth, when she really wasn’t sure that she could handle it. Mandy gave my wife and I the confidence we needed to not only get through labor, but to do so safely, happily and with relative ease ( easy for me to say).

All in all, as a new dad, I highly recommend working with Mandy. Because of her I was able to be the supportive husband I wanted to be, without having to stress out and worry about so many other factors. She is also a great baby photographer and just an all around really good person. Dads, hire Mandy, you won’t regret it!


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