Double Digits

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How is it even possible.  My firstborn(s).  These double-trouble multiplied-blessings.  These babes who made me a self-contained-mini-van for 9 months.  Who broke me in as a mother.  Who I labored 14 hours with to bring into the world.  Who I nursed and rocked and wept and laughed over.  Who have brought me twice the fun and a double portion of anxiety from time to time.  How can it be that they are suddenly “big kids”.

Im a little nostalgic remembering their “twin talk” as babies.  And then how Abi started “interpreting” for Tristan when she started talking and he wasn’t yet.  She could tell us exactly what he wanted.  (…..and hasn’t shut-up since then trying to answer for him:)
Before they were born, we didn’t know what gender they were.  I knew I desperately wanted a boy first.  (Every girl should have a big brother like I did!) But I also knew I was cut out to be a girl-mom.  Relief swept over me when each one was born.
A boy first – perfect
…and a girl.
I couldn’t be more thrilled!
I remember turning double digits.  I remember thinking I was SO old!  Now I AM soooo old….to have kids this age is a bit of a reality check!
Their big day began with a daddy-daughter-date.  I love that Abi’s an emerging young lady, but still “sugar and spice and everything nice and….daddy’s little girl!”
Tristan also had a special outing to the Bass Pro Shop to get some gear for his favorite hobby.  This kid can be spotted most mornings before 7:00….out on the dock as the sun glistens on the lake heralding a new morning.  Escaping the girly clamor of his sisters vying for the bathroom and playing dress ups. This boy is out doin’ his thing!  C laughs that we’re raising a redneck.  Perhaps.  But this young man will know how to bring home the bacon!
We had a low-key family birthday this year.  However, in a family our size, thats no small party!  I have a brother who is as crazy as I am, so between our 6 kids and his 6 kids, the cousins make an even dozen.  And these 12 are GREAT FRIENDS!
The theme was “NEON“.  We started with a tie-dye t-shirt project.  These were a fun alternative to dye that stains and messy clean-up.  Stretch a T-shirt over a plastic cup.  Secure with a rubber band.  Color in the center of the circle with a permanent sharpie marker.
Then with a dropper or a cap, drip rubbing alcohol in the center of the circle. The liquid will “bleed” to the outside of the circle creating the tie dye effect.
And you’ve got your tie dye t-shirts!
We picnicked and partied at Stone Mountain.  Daddy led the expedition up the mountain with the uncles and big kids.
I gladly volunteered to stay behind with the babies and do the party prep!
Cakey Bakey adopted my idea of tie dye cookies and came up with this brilliance.  I LOVED how they turned out.  Each one unique with bold splashes of color!
Glow in the dark favor cups were fun when it got dark.  And the fun neon vinyl decals from These and Thats helped keep straight which belonged to whom.
Gigi “helped’ by taking all the juice boxes out of the ice bucket…and climbing in!
Lil’ monkey!  Is that the look of guilt or what?!

Autumn, Evie, Emma and Izzy.  These four are such a gaggle of giggly-girly fun together.
Breakin’ it down to “Dancing Queen” before the laser show started on the big ol’ Mountain.
There was one more surprise when we cut into the cake.  Dawn Bakes Cakes caught the vision for our “tie-dye” theme and colored the cake with a funky flair!  Her expertise and attention to detail made this cake the centerpiece of the party.
As the sun set and dusk turned to dark, we dumped the contents of glow sticks into jars and shook them…coating the inside of the jar with the liquid.  Fun neon lanterns to scatter around on our picnic blankets.
Happy Birthday to my favorite 10 year olds.  Your daddy and I are so proud to see you maturing and growing in wisdom, and stature.  May you continue to seek the things of eternal value in these paramount years ahead!
Hope you know how loved you are by so many!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, I am such a huge blog fan 🙂 your family is so incredibly beautiful. And you and your husband…..gorgeous! Has anybody ever told you that he looks like the actor Christian Bale? You are lovely and inspiring.

    A fan in Utah

  • Zoe Love says:

    Love all the details Ms. party planner! Soooo cute. Happy birthday to the kiddos.
    PS the t-shirt project was something I lovvvvved when I was their age!

  • Lydia says:

    How incredibly fun!!! Happy birthday Tristan and Abi!! 🙂
    PS…next time you are 20 mins from my house you should call!!;-)

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