Divine Appointment

Saturday, March 9, 2013
We continue to be amazed by the God-ordained divine appointments and His careful and caring attention to detail.  He knows our every need and has so clearly gone before and met them….exceeding, abundantly!

Those closest to me know that one of my greatest concern in coming to Thailand was moving away from Evie’s wonderful, attentive pediatrician and cardiologist.  We have had the kind of relationship with her ped, that I have office, home, cell numbers, and even her husband’s cell number!  I cant even tell you the peace of mind it has provided (especially in the early years) to have this kind of access to someone we truly believe loves Evie and would do anything to advocate for her!  She has graciously received calls after hours and in the middle of the night when Evie was at her worst.  
I cried when we left her office just a few weeks before moving here!  And Dr. G teared up too as she hugged Evie goodbye too.  We LOVE this lady!

My concern being what it is, it comes as no “coincidence” that the apartment we rented here in Thailand just “happens” to be owned by the head nephrologist in Bangkok.  When he heard about Evie and our need to locate a pediatric cardiologist for her follow up care here, he promptly referred us to a well known, very “famous” Thai peds cardiologist and got us an immediate appointment.  

We were asked to bring all Evie’s past medical history, so we requested digital copies of all her records from MUSC.  The night before her appointment, I sat up late and read them.  It was the first time we’d seen the extensive file containing operative notes from her surgery.  
C and I read with a sick feeling in the pit of our stomach. 
It all came back so fresh.  
So shocking. 
Much we already knew.  Some we did not.  
I cant even share, but the details were painful to see in print!  Someday, maybe, when she’s ready, the files will be hers to read.  Vivid reminder of what GOD has done in saving a life that shouldnt have made it!

We traveled across town to her introductory meeting with her new cardiologist (Dr. P) on Thursday morning.  I should note that it was nothing like our hospital experience last week.  In contrast, this hospital was much more reminiscent of the Soviet style hospitals I birthed babies in in Ukraine.  Overcrowded.  Understaffed.  No frills.  No air conditioning.  No fancy-schmancy clowns and balloons:)  Long lines and lots of germs.  But, we did receive very attentive care because of the recommendation from our landlord.  Dr. P took his time reading every page of her extensive report, then performed an thorough ECHO himself on her heart.  
And…….didnt charge us a dime!!  
We feel like we are in good hands in the event that anything should happen while we are here.  

Giving glory to God today and counting my many blessings even in this place so foreign and frightening at times.  I am so amazed by His personal care for my concerns.  
His intimate love for his children.  
His orchestration to meet every need, great and small!

Special silver heart necklace from Grandmoni

Hospital parking lot:)

Lunch at a pretty mall after the procedure

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