Daddy’s also need guidance – Clara

Monday, May 19, 2014

My husband and I were one of those soon-to-be-first-time-parents who thought we could handle everything on our own. We thought we’d read all the books and were planning to have the baby in a hospital with professional doctors, what more do we need? But boy oh boy, were we so wrong. If it weren’t for Mandy, we wouldn’t have had the delivery we wanted and I’m pretty sure we would have completely fallen apart by day 3 of our newborn being home.
Mandy assisted us with drafting of our birth plan, supported my actual delivery with her experience and labor tips (because of her guidance and “tricks”, my labour was as short as it is!), helped me through breastfeeding (no books really truly describe just how challenging it actually is) and even cheered me on through my baby blues and sleep deprivation.

Many a times, so much focus is on the mommy and the baby that we forget that daddies also need guidance and support to be the “strong pillar” that is expected of them – to hold everything together. She is always a phone call or text away, even for my husband.
Mandy provided both of us with not just knowledge, but confidence and assurance that everything is going to be ok. She knew exactly what to do every step of the way. The emotional support and guidance that Mandy provided to both my husband and myself is nothing something we will never forget – more than just our doula, she became our friend.
Thank you Mandy, from the bottom of our hearts.

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