CT Scan Tomorrow

Friday, September 5, 2008

Evie-girl keeps us on our knees!  Doctors have been closely monitoring fluid on her lungs that has never completely healed from her very sick first days of life.  She has been treated for asthma, pneumonia and chronic pulmonary problems.  Because she has not responded as they would like on medications, she is going for a CAT scan tomorrow morning to see if there is something structurally wrong.  Please pray this will be a smooth and quick procedure as she is considered “high risk” to be sedated because of all her pulmonary and cardio issues.  

Additionally, she saw her sweet pediatrician today and there is concern about her weight gain (or lack there of).  She is riding the borderline “failure-to-thrive” curve although she is a happy, engaging baby and right on track developmentally otherwise.  A blood work-up tomorrow will help us gain a better understanding of her electrolyte balance and what’s going on nutritionally.  

Will update after our procedure’s tomorrow.  Thank you praying friends.

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