California Cousins and Crazy Fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The blogging hiatus was due to 3 weeks on the road visiting family in California, Atlanta and Athens.  C’s family reunion took us to Palm Springs CA where we blistered in the sweltering 115 degree desert heat.  We celebrated the 4th of July trying to keep cool in the pools at the resort and playing in the sprinklers.  
This was the first time all C’s siblings and spouses have been together….ever, I think!   Grandparets + 4 siblings + 3 spouses + 11 grandkids =  a really chaotic, crazy, memorable and fun time (just as family reunions should be!) with everyone gathered.

C’s parents graciously volunteered to take care of nearly a dozen grands to give all the adults a night out.  What a blessing to connect uninterrupted….no spilled milk or paying for overpriced corn-dogs off a kids menu or meltdowns at bedtime.  Just quality conversation and some great laughs!
Date Night
Britain’s hair is a little green from chlorine overload, and Izzy has a few new freckles, but we returned with priceless memories of childhood summer fun with cousins.

Cousins/Best Friends!

Water balloon toss

Our kids 3 big kids have had some exciting summer adventures that I may just let them share as a “guest blogger” later this week!
Stay tuned…… 🙂

  • Helen Kurtz says:

    Love family time!! You take beautiful pictures and the kids’ outfits are awesome!! Glad you all had a great time!!

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