Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So this blog SHOULD be titled “seventhsmith-and-siblings”

Meet Britain…the “girl-next-door” type…almost 4, spunky, curious, a bit of a tom-boy, inventive, conniving, sweet-spirited, 

sometimes instigating trouble, 
usually funny…
and always adorable.

I have to preface her story by explaining that Tristan got stitches on Friday.  He fell in a running race and gashed his knee warranting an ER visit, six stitches and a trip to McDonalds for a milk shake rewarding his bravery through the ordeal.

So Monday night Im on the phone long-distance when Abi comes running through the kitchen yelling that Britain has broken something.  I investigated and found our very large mirror laying across Britains bed splintered in a million shards of glass.  The way I understand it, she was building a diving board off her bed and it broke when she tried to jump on it.

Britain’s guardian angel gets a bonus.  She was nearly unscathed aside from a tiny cut on her baby toe.

I set her down for a very lengthy “come-to-Jesus-talk” mingled with a tirade of “do you know what could have happened to you?!!”  Because she was so intently listening to my every word, I assumed that my little speech on applying wisdom was making sense to her.  After I finished droning on, I asked if she had something to say.
“Yes mama”  She poised herself with great sincerity.
This was it, I thought…I was getting through
…an apology?
…an epiphany?
“Mommy”, she asked.  “Do I get a shake like Tristan, since I got a boo-boo?”

So much for that “teachable moment.”

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