Bless Her Heart!

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that the heartbeat of this page originated with our baby Evangeline.  Our lives were forever changed when she was born blue into this world, with a heart that didnt function properly.  Her broken heart and the months of communication with friends and family around the globe was the impetus to begin a blog to keep our prayer warrior team updated.

We come again 5 years later with requests for you, the hands that have held us up in the past, to again rally on behalf of a little broken heart….

Meet baby Grace ~

We were made aware of her situation shortly after arriving in Asia 5 months ago.  She was abandoned at only a couple days old.  Grace celebrated her first birthday in an orphanage in China the day before Valentines day.  This precious girl has a severely complex heart defect and more than one doctor in China has deemed her “inoperable”. Basically there have been no options offered and the professional opinion of doctors is to make her comfortable as long as possible until she dies.

We were contacted because of a longstanding relationship we have had with Shanghai Healing Home who are the caretakers of this sweet girl.  They reached out to see if we had any possible connections that might consider taking on Grace’s complicated case.  

One look at this precious girl and our family was smitten!


What began was a whirlwind of emails, phonecalls, doctor evaluations, translation of documents, and applications for Grace to be able to receive the life-saving surgery that she needs.  The Healing Home where she has lived all her life loves her dearly and have tirelessly persevered to try and “work the system” to find options for her.  Through one “divine appointment” after another, we have identified a doctor here in Bangkok who is renowned in his field and willing to take on her case.  
Documentation is being worked on so that hopefully she can soon be adopted by someone in the States. But time is not a commodity that she has much of!  We know that adoption can be a lengthy process and US hospitals will not take her unless she has been placed with a family and has come under their insurance.
Hence, we are investigating bringing her to Bangkok for open heart surgery to basically “buy her time” and stabilize her until her adoption can be completed with a family and she can travel to the US for other follow up surgeries that will be necessary.  While surgery here in Bangkok will still be a huge chunk of change, it is comparatively more feasible the estimated costs we have been told uninsured surgery would be in the US.

Grace has a long and hard road ahead of her, but we have already seen God move mountains on her behalf.  We know that orphans are close to Gods heart and are sensing his heart of compassion for this child as so many are already praying for a miracle in her life.  WIll you join us?  We’re praying God will be glorified in this tiny life and that her testimony will make believers of many!  Please pray that God will show us the next step and open doors quickly and give her favor with officials who are making decision about permission for her to receive a medical visa.  Pray that her life will be sustained until she can get life-saving surgery.
Pray for our Amazing Grace!!

  • cici says:

    I will be joining you in Prayer.
    She is a doll.

  • Sarah says:

    Praying for this sweet girl. Blessings!

  • Lane says:

    Praying for this sweet baby!

  • Jennifer says:

    Praying for your Amazing Grace! So excited to see how God will move and provide healing surgeries, a family, and financial support for this sweet little one!!!

    In HIM,
    Jennifer Scruggs

  • I will most certainly pray with you & for you for Miss Grace. And for our country, which claims to be the best in the world, yet will not give her the best care she could possibly get until she is covered by someone’s insurance. That is so sad. Three cheers for baby Grace……….and I can’t wait to hear how her life unfolds……….as it surely will……bringing the testimony of God’s love & provision to those who need to hear it, see it, feel it & experience it.

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