Big Baby Brother in Bangkok

Saturday, July 2, 2016


It feels like a lifetime ago already, but Id be amiss to not take a moment to document my brother’s visit just prior to Eden’s birth.  In the whirlwind of a move and new baby and more houseguests, Im embarrassingly late getting a post published about this super guy who helped facilitate our move….kept Gigi stocked with gum….and did the school pick up on a regular basis to keep this 10-month-pregnant-mommy-with-swollen-feet-and-tired-body from going crazy!!


My baby brother made the excruciating 24 hour trip to see us despite the brutality of being caged in tiny economy seats with a 6’3” frame!  For three weeks we were privileged to do life with him and have his help with the church plant and ministry.  The kids had the short-but-sweet joys of an uncle in close proximity to spoil them and make memories with.  With golden arches just across the street, you can bet they suckered him into afternoon ice-cream cones on more than one occasion!


He even braved the “fish spa” with these girls.  A tank you put your feet in with hundreds of flesh eating fish who nibble off the dead skin cells……gross!!!!!!


Tristan and Isaac jetted off to a remote island for some “guy time” and a little saltwater air.  You cant visit Thailand and not see a beach!!  Tristan loved having some guy time away from his sisters with this man who has mentored him and poured into his life even across the miles!!  How lucky we are to have Uncle Isaac!!

IMG_20160304_105539249 IMG_20160304_174405873_HDR

We dragged him to markets that we frequent….took him on public transport trains and smelly taxis…. and had a great time introducing him to some of our favorite fare….like this wonderful little place called “Starbucks”.

IMG_20160310_093258047 IMG_20160321_144814037_TOP

I will say that getting through the last few weeks of a school schedule with an indulgent uncle in town did not make for a well-kept bedtime routine.  It was not unusual to come into the kitchen to find a batch of cookies in the works or root-beer-floats bubbling over, inevitably always at bedtime!

IMG_20160310_200652781 IMG_20160310_195827245

And what a servant hearted guy….he willingly extended his originally scheduled ticket so he could help assist us with the move.  We put him to work and then left him with half a dozen kids in his charge when we took off to the hospital to deliver Eden.  With the exception of a standoff with Gigi over a bite of chili that she refused to eat, he managed the mayhem beautifully.  Eden’s the coolest kid in town to have his awesome uncle (who walked onto the UGA football team back in the day) be one of his first visitors.  Our little tyke’s gonna have to bulk up if he’s gonna keep up the family tradition, cause right now, he’s only about the size of a football! 

future linebacker


Back off ladies…..he may be THE most eligible bachelor around, but you’ve got to pass this girls approval to get a date with him!!  Big sister here think’s he’s pretty awesome!



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